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Richmond Foundation endeavours to provide optimal community mental health services that promote mental wellbeing, address the prevention of mental health problems and provide support for good quality of life

Aims and Objectives

In order to achieve its mission, Richmond Foundation aims to:

  • Provide residential and day, community-based rehabilitation facilities;
  • Provide opportunities for housing with support;
  • Assist persons with mental health difficulties to remain in the community and to live as full a life as possible;
  • Provide opportunities for training, employment and support at the work-place;
  • Provide services which will prevent mental health problems in the work-place from developing;
  • Promote the development of self-help in the field of mental health;
  • Assist in the promotion of good mental health within the general public/population;
  • Promote positive public awareness of mental health issues;
  • Provide training to staff within the organisation and also assist in the training of other professionals from other agencies in the mental health and other caring fields;
  • Offer psycho-social support for children with challenging behaviour, within a residential setting;
  • Offer education and assistance in Information Technology that increases the employability and enhances personal development.

Information about Richmond Foundation

Richmond Foundation was founded on 13th May 1993 and the Deed of Constitution was signed by the Government of Malta (Ministry for Social Development) and Richmond Fellowship International (UK). Since then, the Constitution was amended twice, in 2001 and in 2008, to reflect legislative and societal changes.

The Foundation is a non-governmental and non-profit making organisation (VO/0017) in terms of the laws of Malta. It is a leading local NGO in the provision of community services for persons with mental health difficulties and in the promotion of mental health and the prevention of mental illness amongst the public. It strives to combat stigma and increase awareness on the subject through the local media. The Foundation actively participates in regional and international events where it has the opportunity to increase its knowledge, expand its network, shares its views and heightens its profile and reputation.

It is governed by a Board of Trustees composed of ten members. In line with the Foundation’s service user involvement principle, one of the trustees has to be someone who is either a mental health service user or a family member of a person with mental health problems. The organisation is a self-governing body with a legal personality governed by and in accordance with the Statute.

Hundreds of service users and clients use the services of the Foundation on an annual basis, some of whom use the services of the Foundation in a direct and intensive way whilst others less intensively depending on their needs.

Richmond Foundation is a member of the Global Alliance of Mental Illness Advocacy Networks–Europe (GAMIAN-Europe), the European Anti-Poverty Network, the Malta Federations of NGOs and the Malta Health Network. Richmond Foundation is an Agency member of the International Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA). In 2015 the Foundation was awarded the European Parliament Citizen’s Prize.  This prize is given to individuals or organisations that either facilitate cross-border cooperation within the EU or promote better mutual understanding and closer integration between citizens and member states.

Human Resources

In order to run these services more than 40 workers on full time basis and part-time basis are currently being employed with the Foundation. Fifteen employees work at the head office (St. Venera) and approximately about 25 employees work in the three residential units including Villa Chelsea (B’Kara), the Hostel (Paola) and Kids In Development (KIDs) Programme (Zejtun). The Foundation purchases the services of various professionals including psychologists, therapists and accountants. About 30 volunteers actively contribute to the delivery of an effective service by the Foundation.  If you want to become a volunteer click here.

Friends of  Richmond Foundation

Richmond Foundation heavily relies and depends on donations given by benefactors. Friends of Richmond Foundation believe in the aims and objectives of the Foundation and they provide financial and practical support to the organisation. Every donation and any kind of input and effort are very much appreciated. Service users are also encouraged to join this group. If you want to become a friend of Richmond Foundation contact Richmond Foundation.