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Staff and Organisation Support Programme

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Dear Client,


First of all we would like to thank you for approaching the counselling services being offered by our Foundation. The following information is intended to help you make better use of the Foundation’s services. You are kindly requested to read it and consider it carefully. Once you understand and accept the following, you are required to sign and return the form to us:





  • Clients accessing the service have to do so voluntarily.


  • Your confidentiality will be respected; your employer in particular will not be involved in any way in the referral and/or therapeutic process, and without your specific prior consent will not be informed by Richmond Foundation that you have approached the same Foundation.


  • Respecting your confidentiality is paramount to us. However the following are extraordinary circumstances where confidentiality might be overridden and information will be disclosed to the relevant professional bodies and / or authorities. This will happen if there appears to be a risk of harm to self or others, or risk of abuse to minors.


  • At times after the initial meeting, it turns out that the client requires a different type of help and, that other services out of Richmond Foundation might be better suited for the client’s needs, as would be the case with drug or alcohol issues for example. Referrals to such services will occur after discussion with the Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer and with the client’s written consent.




  • You are entitled to a maximum of nine, ten or twelve (depends on the arrangements with your employer ) sessions per contact. However, in exceptional circumstances the number of sessions can be extended, following an approval from the Chief Executive Officer.


  • In the interest of confidentiality, psychologists leave a 15 minute gap in between sessions, thus you are advised to arrive on time for your appointment, to avoid encountering employees from the same organisation entering or leaving the premises.



  • The first session takes approximately 60 minutes. Subsequent sessions last approximately 45 minutes.


  • You are encouraged to keep your appointments with your psychologist. If you cannot keep your appointment, kindly contact Richmond Foundation immediately to cancel or reschedule. When insufficient notice is given, or no notice is given at all, the missed appointment shall be deducted from the number of sessions you are entitled to.



  • If you miss two consecutive sessions we shall understand that you are no longer interested in making use of our services.


  • To always assure a high quality of service, half-way through and at the end of your sessions, you will be required to complete an evaluation form with your feedback, which is to be returned sealed in the envelope provided.



  • Who can attend?


We understand the problems most often lie in relationships and that at times it might be helpful to ask your partner/ child or significant other to attend therapy sessions with you. Within the SOSP services it is possible to avail yourself of couple or family therapy provided you give your consent. Being that you as an employee are entitled to the service, your presence on the premises is required at all times. If other family members need individual therapy, they are to be referred to services outside Richmond Foundation.



  • Legal matters


Our aim is to promote and assist your psychological health and well-being. When psychologists are called to witness in Court, such as in separation or custody battles, this goes against the very purpose of the helping process.  Thus if a psychologist realises that the client is using therapy in order to have another witness in court, therapy will be terminated, having lost its function. This will be considered as a breach of contract by the particular employee. Consequences may include informing the Employer that the service is being abused of, and billing the individual for the hours spent in Court. Of course, information divulged may not necessarily be in the best interest of the client.


  • Termination of services


Generally speaking and further to the previous paragraph on Legal matters, if the psychologist informs the Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer that he/she has reason to believe that you are attending sessions for reasons other than seeking to improve your psychological health and well-being, the Foundation reserves the right to terminate this contract. This will be considered as a breach of contract on your part. Consequences may include informing the Employer that the service is being abused of, and billing the individual for sessions already held, at rates to be determined by the Foundation.