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Staff and Organisation Support Programme


The role of work in a healthy life

Work is an important contributor to mental wellbeing. It provides a sense of fulfillment and identity, promotes self-esteem and social interaction, as well as being a source of income. Work can, however, also have a negative impact on the employees’ mental health, particularly in the form of stress. Stress is not a medical condition, but […]

Richmond Foundation – a firm support to the local business community.

Nowadays stress has been proclaimed as one of the top threats for modern businesses. Many people experience it without even noticing it and the consequences can be detrimental for the individual and others. About 25% of the Maltese population may experience mental health problems in a given year. Recent research carried out by Richmond Foundation […]

Sports and Mental Health

Sports is highly beneficial.  Studies have shown that regular physical activity can brighten mood, increase energy, improve sleep and help with keeping weight down.  Furthermore physical activity increases stamina and reduces risk of diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and osteoporosis.  Besides helping to maintain physical health, sports can help also with mental health.  Any time […]

Psychological Well-Being

What does psychological well-being mean? Psychological well-being is a very subjective term but form all the research that has been carried out, the term is used throughout the health industry as kind of a ‘catch-all phrase’ meaning contentment, satisfaction with all elements of life, self-actualisation (a feeling of having achieved something with one’s life), peace […]

Secondary Traumatization

If you have chosen a job which involves helping people in some way, chances are you are able to be present to another human being, make contact and empathize with them. If the people you work with on a daily basis are suffering, helpless, in distressed emotional states or who have endured some kind of […]