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Staff and Organisation Support Programme


How to keep your brain healthy and avoid cognitive fatigue

Think back to your school days, especially postsecondary school, and how your brain felt after cramming all night for a tough exam. Remember that? When you felt like your brain had been pushed to the limit and was no longer functioning properly? That is called cognitive fatigue. Cognitive fatigue can be defined as a decrease […]

Leadership and Mental Health

It is important for individuals to keep in touch with their own mental health, however, anxiety and a fear of disappointment is what hinders most people from asking for help — which is where our leaders come in. The role of our leaders is fundamental to improving the situation. An anxious leader cannot expect anything other […]

Reducing Absenteeism

A new study makes the case that a supportive manager might help employees with depression miss fewer days on the job. The research, published Monday in BMJ Open, found that workplaces where managers support and help employees with depression have lower rates of missed days on the job due to depression. That support can come […]

Why Eating at your Desk is a Health Risk

There is nothing good about lunching at your desk. It’s bad for your physical and mental health and it can be very annoying for co-workers who would prefer not to share their air space with the smell of onion. Despite this, about two-thirds of us are guilty of regularly eating “al desko”, ignoring the advice […]

Millennial women face new mental health struggles in the workplace

Source: www.marketwatch.com   A growing body of research suggests that young workers are increasingly adding mental health days to their personal days, and young women are particularly at risk. Millennials report higher rates of depression than any other generation and are now the biggest sector of the workforce, creating new challenges in work culture and […]