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Mental Health a Problem for Finance Industry

A recent report has highlighted the problems of ongoing stress and mental health problems in the financial services industry. The Financial and Insurance Services Industry Profile Report from SuperFriend is an industry snapshot taken from an annual ‘Indicators of Thriving Workplace’ survey of 5000 workers. It examines the current state of workplace mental health in […]

Improve stress management, companies told

by Matthew Xuereb Work-related stress accounts for a third of sick leave in the UK so it is vital for all companies to identify what causes it, psychologists say. Although stress is not just caused by bad management, psychologists addressing a seminar organised by the training arm of the General Workers’ Union argued that a proactive […]

GPs push to diagnose mental problems in UK

by Jane Kirby, PA General practitioners in the UK are being urged to do more to spot signs of depression and anxiety to help millions of people who are currently undiagnosed. At any one time, one in six adults suffers a common mental health condition such as depression, generalised anxiety disorder or obsessive compulsive disorder. Other […]

More attention to mental health needed by employers at workplaces

Nikki Abela Mercieca More attention has to be given to mental health at the workplace as research continuously shows the “great burden” this puts on the economy due to lost productivity, according to Richmond Foundation CEO Dolores Gauci. “It’s becoming clear more attention has to be given in this respect. When employees went to work […]

Social partners disregard EU anti-stress agreement

Malta is one of four EU member states whose social partners have failed to introduce anti-stress measures for workers under a 2004 agreement, a situation the European Commission has described as “worrying”. The Commission called on the Maltese social partners to make sure workers are given minimum levels of protection against work-related stress, as have […]