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Staff and Organisation Support Programme


There are five levels within this service:

Level 1– helps the organisation to develop and implement a Mental Health Policy

Level 2 – addresses all employees in the organisation.  Information regarding stress, its effects, the prevalence of mental ill health, how it may manifest itself and its effects on physical health is provided. The economic cost incurred by mental and physical ill health is also discussed. These sessions are held in groups made up of a maximum of fifteen employees and take about 60 minutes per session.

Level 3 – this is the secondary prevention level in which support is provided for those who are experiencing stress due to life experiences. At this level employees will be provided with counselling in order to avoid problems becoming serious.

 Level 4 – This is the preventive aspect of the programme.  It helps to educate management to identify sources of stress in employees and provides them with the skills to deal with them.  Within this level a training programme for workers at all other levels will equip them with skills to combat stress and mental ill health and so be more productive. This aspect of the programme will develop according to the needs of the company. List of courses is attached to this proposal.

Level 5 – Provides personalised support for employees coming back from long sick leave due to mental illness to help them re-integrate at the workplace.

Persons who can benefit from the Service

Any organisation that is pro-active and would like to promote the psychological well-being of its employees can benefit from this service provided that an agreement between the Foundation and that particular company is in place.

Method of referral to the Service

Those employees whose organisation has signed the agreement with Richmond Foundation can directly phone the Foundation. There is no need to obtain any kind of permission from the management of the employing organisation. Once the employee phones Richmond Foundation, an appointment would be arranged.

Consultancy Services:

Mental Health in the Workplace Policy Development

Employers wishing to create a healthy work environment should consider developing a mental health policy as part of their commitment towards the positive mental health of their employees. Such an initiative demonstrates that employers recognise and accept that mental health is an important issue and an integral part of the psychological wellbeing of the organisation. We can help you to develop and implement a mental health policy specifically for your company or develop your already existing policy.