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Staff and Organisation Support Programme

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The main purpose of the Leaving Work Support Programme as part of the Staff and Organisation Support programme is to prepare employees and their family members for the retirement stage, early retirement or redundancy.

The program includes the following:



Individual Support

  • The program consists of seven to ten face to face sessions, depending on the needs of the participant. Sessions are conducted by a psychologist and are voluntary. The first five sessions take place prior to retirement (preparation stage), while the remaining sessions are held alter the employee has retired (follow-up stage).
  • The first session is conducted solely with the individual. The purpose of this meeting is to gather information about the employee who is about to retire.
  • Sessions are then arranged with members of the person’s family that he/she wishes to include. The goal of these sessions is to learn family members’ expectations and/or fears with respect to retirement.
  • During the preparation sessions, the employee and his/her family members are guided in the planning of activities for the retirement stage. Sessions in the preparation stage also address beliefs regarding, and attitudes toward, the retirement stage.
  • Follow-up. In the follow-up stage, the retiree is interviewed three weeks after retirement in order to review and readjust the work done during the preparation stage.


Group support

In group sessions employees facing retirement can meet other individuals going through similar experiences and have guided discussions that will help them to overcome fears and feelings of doubt and loss.

Early retirement

The scope is similar to the retirement but it will consist of five sessions only.

The sessions are focused on the voluntary aspect of the early retirement and the prospect of starting a new career, enjoying better health (due to the early age) and having more time to dedicate to family and hobbies.



We can offer five sessions with the employee immediately after redundancy.  The professional will help the person overcome the effect of the event and limit the anger and negative feelings towards the employers

The sessions will aim to motivate the person to re-access his/her skills and look for new employment or new career.